Dr Christina Kapadocha, East 15 Acting School, University of Essex

Presentation from the PRAG-UK: Documenting Practice Research Symposium – Wednesday, 23 January 2019

What can be somatic in arts praxis? – a video article

This is one of the few brief written narratives that complement and intend to facilitate the witnessing of the following video article. It acts in dynamic relation with the contextual information on the YouTube entry, the added navigating introduction, titles and captions on the video itself. The video is shared here not only in order to communicate insights of a somatically-inspired practice-research project but also as part of my ongoing investigation on how to effectively document and disseminate the distinctive nature of a practice-research project. For the making of the video I did not use professional equipment and the support I received came from a place of care and kindness. This, in my perception, resonates and in a way adds to the project’s identity without taking away from the depth of the investigations. The intentions in the editing process were not to offer detailed information on the specific content and development of each workshop but to extract insightful “glimpses” on the overarching research question: what can be somatic in arts praxis? In order to productively cover the full trajectory and diverse input on this underlying question, the duration of the video is slightly less than 20 min.

My invitation to you as viewer-readers is to really use your authority on what a video can offer and to develop your own witnessing while possibly pausing, rewinding, forwarding, digesting.

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