Creative Process

Creative Process (nethods and methodology)

In Creative Writing and contemporary art practice, the starting point has to be a particular practice-based project (which will alter as it develops), particular research questions (even if the articulation of these will emerge in the process), and a sense of how the practice-based project relates to (and situates itself within) contemporary practice. Methodology refers to both methods and procedures for conducting the research and the metalevel description of that process. There are then two different but related methodologies: the method of the practice and the methodology for the critical reflection on practice.

It would be important to see how other novelists have written about sport, about working-class culture, about masculinity. This is not, however, the research element of the creative -writing project: the research contribution comes through the process of writing the novel.

Similarly with poets, there might be all kinds of background research (as above): the history of Liverpool; the architecture of Liverpool docklands; other writers who have written about Liverpool; other poets who have engaged with history or have written about specific places; theories about economic development and decline. The project might use material drawn from these researches as content, but the research process is the formal handling of this material.


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